The CODES (CO-DEsign for Sustainability)

The CODES (CO-DEsign for Sustainability) project is based on the concept that products in the F&D sector should be more oriented to sustainability and Mass Customization to better respond to the customer’s requests of both traditional and emerging markets. Indeed, consumer awareness and demands are growing rapidly in the search for the right products and the consumer himself is looking for a more active role in the process of the development of products intended for him.

Mass Customization is a way of conceiving the production of goods based on the centrality of the needs and desires of customers, which does not give up the efficiency, effectiveness and cost containment typical of industrial mass production. This paradigm, which integrates customization and uniqueness typical of craftsmanship with the management and organization typical of the industry, has already shown important results. MC can be presented in different forms, based on the level of customization of the offer and characterized by the level of involvement of the consumer who intervenes at specific moments in the design and manufacture of the product. Among these, Continuous Mass Customization envisages a close involvement of producers and stakeholders, including customers, from the very firststages of product conception. This substantially favours product customization, through continuous interactions between the players that make up the supply chain. The CMC finds ample support in web technologies, capable of creating a collaborative communication channel to allow companies to interact with the majority of their customers and with other players in the supply chain.


Three main

F&D Professionals

creatives, start- ups, SMEs and freelancers who work in the field offashion and product design, specifically those who are working with sustainable design infashion. Target are young generations with progressive thinking who always strives to explorenew forms with innovative materials through multi-functionality, creating products that canpromote a sustainable, responsible and conscious way of life.

Operators Of The Training Ecosystem

trainers and professors, students of academies andtechnical schools, research organisations.

Associations, Business Support 
Organisations, Institutional Entities

trainers and professors, students of academies andtechnical schools, research organisations.

The CODES (CO-DEsign for Sustainability)

CODES aims at enhancing the capacity of the Fashion and Design sector to innovate both from a technological perspective but also from an organisational point of view. This means that new digital technologies (e.g., AI and Data Analytics, 3D Printing, Mass Customization techniques, Virtual and Augmented Reality) can enable the access to new market segments (at the same time, new physical markets and new virtual markets) and the definition of new business models. CODES focuses on the identification of a collaborative approach, in which co-design models can be set up in order to better answer new needs and trends and increase sectoral competitiveness.

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