Business support institution owned by the City of Koprivnica, providing a variety of services linked to entrepreneurship and SMEs, focusing in particular on the Cultural and Creative field. Enter manages two incubators – the Entrepreneurial Incubator Dravska and the Creative Industries Incubator. Through education opportunities, networking, participation in project proposals and synergies with higher education institutions, ENTER provides therefore motivating spaces with cutting-edge equipment to transfer technology and stimulate innovation for the benefit of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Due to its extensive previous experience in EU funded project, both as PP and LP, ENTER has been identified as the most fitting organization to guide the implementation of the CODES project, having participated in several initiatives funded by the Erasmus + programme, the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, Interreg Europe and Interreg Central Europe on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the CCI field, developing a strong cooperation with relevant stakeholders, SMEs, business support organizations and managing authorities, increasing its capacity to impact and disseminate the project results on different levels.

Through its daily work, Enter tries to touch on different topics and problems and tries to improve the entrepreneurial climate of the ecosystem.

+385 48 222 338


Not-for-profit Joint-Stock Consortium Company, accredited as Industrial Research Laboratory and Innovation Center within the “Rete Alta Tecnologia” (Hi-Tech Network) of the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna (IT), whose mission is to promote and generate technological innovation processes. It works in close cooperation with knowledge centres and institutions to foster the implementation of research findings and promote the culture of innovation as a strategic asset for development. Romagna Tech is a member of the seven regional S3 Clusters among which CREATE, focused on creative and cultural industries, where Romagna Tech coordinates the Cluster Value Chain ADDICT on product customization and shelf innovation.

Romagna Tech runs “Casa Bufalini”, a living lab that supports the diffusion of new digital competencies, tools, and technologies among people and organizations in the CCIs. Casa Bufalini works to support the development of innovative projects, events, and activities able to bring value to the local community in terms of social, cultural, and economic innovation and sustainability.

+39 0543 32087

KEPA- Business and Cultural Development Centre (GR)

Non-profit entity, founded by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece and the Greek International Business Association, with the aim of implementing and managing EU and national programmes. KEPA is the oldest Intermediate Managing Authority for National and Regional programmes for the establishment and the modernisation of SMEs in Greece.

In 2011, KEPA expanded its activity by developing an internal European Projects Department: through its participation in several projects so far, KEPA has gained significant experience and know-how in a wide range of sectors, while it has also become an active member of several European Networks (EMN, MFC, BEDA). Up-to-date, KEPA has successfully participated in 30 EU-funded projects, addressing, in particular, the Cultural and Creative Industries sector, of which KEPA has gained a deep knowledge at the regional level, acquiring the knowledge for further exploring the needs and opportunities of Fashion and Design.

In 2017, KEPA started the initiative of the Hellenic Design Centre (HDC), the first and most experienced organization in Greece that provides integrated Design support services to private and public sector bodies, to assist them in problem-solving and in driving innovation into services and processes. Since its establishment, HDC has been offering training and support services to a number of SMEs, public authorities and civil society organisations. Moreover, it has been promoting Design as a driver of growth and competitiveness of SMEs and of the economy in general.

+30 2310 480000

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