Athos Pallas, Drivers of sustainability-related innovation in fashion business models

Athos Pallas is a European sustainable fashion & textile agency, focused on innovative services and sustainable practices, that is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Over 40 years of experience, research, and development, have helped the company build a strong organization, offering sustainable solutions for its brand. Its Product Range covers women’s, men and kids’ fashion in jersey, woven, woven mix and knitwear. Athos Pallas is enhanced by an exclusive production chain, making sure that quality is maintained at every step of manufacturing. The services offered, include:
• Private Label, Research, inspiration, forecasting according to the client’s brand identity, designs, and knowledge, helping with true branding ideas in competitive European prices.
• Sourcing, Its sourcing experts, who often travel to international destinations and fashion centers, developed a keen eye on trends. They may assist with their recommendations on fabrics and accessories including trims, zippers, buttons etc., analysing and providing the best solutions according to one’s needs.
• Quality Control, Internal Quality Control team by performing on-site assessments, ensure the client’s products meet the quality standards and expectations, plus lead-times.

  • How innovative techniques create comfortable and stylish clothing?

Athos Pallas invested in technology and managed to trace a product as it moves through processes. It has created an open and transparent community of suppliers, retailers, and end consumers where all can feel confident of the garments’ journey. A human centered approach lies among its key objectives, having established a ‘person to person’ policy, according to which, sharing information, such as “Who, Where/When and How products are made” is a priority. Over the last year, Athos Pallas collaborated with BASF and they are now proudly offering a Greek, Premium Sustainable and Traceable cotton issued by ATHOS PALLAS & BASF.

Athos Pallas has a genuine passion for fashion. Innovative systems support its business model. By traveling all around the world Athos Pallas’ people have gained inspiration, experience, and knowledge that made them achieve a valued place in the global market. Behind its success story, there are committed and dedicated teams, with a great knowledge of the latest technology, to ensure quality productions, at competitive prices and fast deliveries. All products and services are strongly committed to full compliance with global human rights and ethical standards. It has and will always be Athos Pallas top priority to provide the highest quality to its customers. The company strongly believes that reliability, quality, and flexibility are the most important elements of its competitive edge.


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