Greencajt festival – the largest regional festival of sustainability

Greencajt is the largest sustainability event in the region, which took place on May 24 and 25 in Zagreb. This year program contained 30 panels and lecturers, with more than 80 speakers and panelists from 10 countries.

Domestic and foreign speakers together with the key figures in different fields discussed on how to create an environment for sustainable future. Greencajt offered various events such as educational and interactive workshops #RethinkFashion by Perwoll, which were created in cooperation with Humana Nova, a social cooperative that gives new value to discarded textiles and makes new products every day. The event includes collaborators such as the online fashion store Answer and their wear & share program that is available in ten other countries. Many initiatives were presented at the Festival, such as the initiative for planting trees and reforesting Croatia. Participants of the event also had the opportunity to bring their old clothes for recycling and thus encourage the planting of trees in areas that are often affected by fire.

Experts in different fields contributed to the event, discussed about politics, economy, tourism, art and creative industry and science. By talking about sustainable solutions and concrete examples of how to create environments for a sustainable future, Zagreb positioned itself on the map of green destinations in the world!

Some of the renowned experts who participated in the event are lecturers are Mark Shayler, a leading British expert on the environment and innovation, Alessio Terzio, an economist at the European Commission, Marc Silva, a BBC News journalist specializing in climate disinformation, and the awarding of the Green Prix and Greenlider awards.

The emphasis of this year’s Greencajt was on the theme of sustainable tourism. Croatian tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac announced that for the first time at the beginning of next year, the Law on Tourism will be passed, which will enable the management of tourism development based on data, adapted to each destination, its resources, and the needs of the local community.

For the third year in a row, the Green Prix awards were given to those who promote sustainability, highlight the importance of climate goals, offer solutions and, through their actions, contributed to protecting the environment in the Republic of Croatia and beyond.

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