CODES (CO-DEsign for Sustainability) Kick-off Meeting

The CODES (CO-DEsign for Sustainability) project is based on the concept that products in the F&D sector should be more oriented to sustainability and Mass Customization to better respond to the customer’s requests of both traditional and emerging markets. Indeed, consumer awareness and demands are growing rapidly in the search for the right products and the consumer himself is looking for a more active role in the process of the development of products intended for him.

The project aims to promote the internationalization of careers of professionals in the sectors to operate across borders and internationally. This action is expected to foster cooperation between organizations active in the culture field, as well as to encourage the development, experimentation, dissemination, or application of new and innovative practices.

The kick-off conference of the CO-DEsign for Sustainability (CODES) project was held virtually on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Representatives of the partner organization (Croatia, Greece, and Italy) participated in the “Kick Off” meeting and gave their contribution to the meeting.

During the first part of the meeting, an overview of the project took place, then the specific role of each partner was explained and discussed. Furthermore, both the objectives and the financial management were discussed.

After that, the consortium discussed the implementation of specific actions and deliverables based on the timeline. 

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