Local Dissemination Event: KEPA’s Workshop on The alternate future of Fashion

The Local Dissemination Event in Greece within the framework of the CODES project, CO-DEsign for Sustainability, was completed with immense success!

The event focused on “The alternate future of Fashion”! It took place in the premises of the Hellenic Design Centre on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. The interest of Fashion Designers as well as representatives of agencies and organizations that promote entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion in Northern Greece was consistent.

The members of KEPA’s European Programmes Department presented:
– The CODES platform which can be used by the participants, aiming to achieve:
* collaborative design practices,
* international cooperation opportunities,
* showcasing and further promotion of their products
– The Call for Collaboration that is still open to Fashion Designers from Greece, wishing to participate in the CODES Residency (a 4-day program), during which the selected participants will have the opportunity to access:
=> Training and practice in use of the digital platform developed within the framework of CODES project.
=> Participation in three master classes focusing on issues such as:

  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Alternative business models for fashion designers,
  • New Technologies serving Fashion Brands

=> Networking with 5 fashion designers from Italy and 5 fashion designers from Croatia to develop future collaborations.

The Local Dissemination Event was implemented within the activities of the Fashion Revolution organization to celebrate 10 years of marching towards change and transparency in the fashion industry.

The members of Fashion Revolution Greece supported the Local Dissemination Event including it in their festive activities within Fashion Revolution Week, as an opportunity to meet, learn and act towards a more sustainable fashion that puts people and the planet in the foreground.

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