Local dissemination workshop: Enter’s Gathering of Creatives and Designers – Career from hobby

Enter Koprivnica, a recent gathering of creatives and designers, which ignited a spark of inspiration and possibilities. Entitled “Career from Hobby”, this event served as a beacon for all enthusiasts, artists and designers who want to transform their passions into successful careers.

Organized by Enter Koprivnica, the event was more than just a workshop; it was the gateway to a world of possibilities. Central to the agenda was the unveiling of the CODES platform. Participants were introduced to its innovative specifications, empowering them to improve their visibility in global markets, create new partnerships and co-create sustainable products that resonate with international audiences.

The highlight of the event was the invitation to the participants to apply for a creative residency in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Set against the backdrop of this culturally rich place, the residency promises an immersive experience in the practice of collaborative design — a fitting arena to put the CODES collaboration tools to the ultimate test.

However, “Hobby Career” was not just a presentation – it was about tangible results and practical skills. Participants were treated to enlightening speeches by successful designers who once stood in their shoes and are now thriving in the industry they love.

Moreover, the interactive workshop offered the participants the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in the business sphere of their hobby. Equipped with practical skills and invaluable tools, they left empowered to take their hobby to new heights.

What really set this event apart was the emphasis on local talent. Providing a platform for exhibiting the works of Koprivnica creatives and designers, “Career from Hobby” encouraged the spirit of community and cooperation. In this melting pot of creativity, individuals from different fields exchanged ideas, established connections and perhaps even laid the foundations for future collaborations.

A “career from a hobby” has sparked a wave of inspiration and provided a different perspective on the work of those operating in the fashion and design sector. Armed with new knowledge, skills and connections, they are ready to embark on the journey of transformation – the journey from hobby to career.

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