Local dissemination workshop: the CODES platform at ISIA, the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries in Faenza, Italy

The production technology that will change the world!

Local dissemination workshop for the CODES project at ISIA, presented by Romagna Tech on 7 May.

The Higher Institute for Artistic Industries in Faenza (ISIA) is a State Institute and belongs to the system of Upper Artistic and Musical Education, focuses on product and communication design.

The presentation of the project with focus on the purposes of the CODES platform was carried out by Dario Monti, Romagna Tech.

Then a speech on Continuous Mass Customization by Massimiliano Fantini. He spoke about the evolution of production paradigms: “The industrial revolution of the late 18th century made mass production of goods possible, thereby creating economies of scale that changed the economy-and society-in ways that no one could have imagined at the time. Now – Fantini pointed out – a new production technology has emerged that does the opposite. Three-dimensional printing makes it as cheap to create single objects as it is to produce thousands, thus undermining economies of scale. It could have a profound impact on the world, like the advent of the factory.”

This was followed by the presentation of Silvia Mercuriali of the “GameOn” case study, an interesting European cooperation project financed under the Creative Europe programme, focused on the introduction of gamification in cultural processes for children.

The meeting ended with a work session in which ISIA students and teachers, supported by Riccardo Marconi and Silvia Mercuriali of Romagna Tech, tested the CODES platform and a co-design session between designers was simulated.


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