Re-Lak, Redefining elegance at the forefront of promoting the circular economy

RE LAK is a sustainability-focused company aiming to save and protect the environment. Relak Tech Jewelry is a company based in Thessaloniki and was founded in 2012, which combines traditional crafts artistry with the reuse of high-tech equipment (PC parts). The philosophy is to offer these materials a second ‘’elegant’’ life so that they continue to lamprey our daily lives instead of oppressing the environment.

The idea of “tech” jewelry came about incidentally, “like most things in life”, as their creator Mrs. Lizetta Fotoglou and the Relak team say. Pieces of computer motherboards have been transformed into rings, earrings, key chains, and even collectible coasters (from a 90s display board), thanks to the ingenuity and love of a computer geek. Relac means reusing and giving a second life to items that would end up at best in recycling and at worst in landfill. The collection includes earrings, rings, key rings, cufflinks and occasional collectibles such as necklaces, coasters, pins, bracelets depending on the materials and the various tech accessories that end up to Relak. For more than ten years, Relak has managed to promote recycling and circular economy in Greece. The owner of Relak is actively involved in projects and associations, like the Zero Waste Lab, the first recycling and circular economy canter in Greece, and the Environmental Management Office at the University of Macedonia.

Every single item is hand crafted, inspired mainly by nature. In addition, the packaging for tech jewels is recyclable and all box cards are made from Venice plankton paper. At the same time, Relak Tech Jewelry’s “Water” series (consisting of sharks and fish) is available on the website of the environmental NGO iSea. Thus, with each purchase from this collection, the customer actually contributes to the organization’s actions for the protection of sharks. Relak Tech Jewelry is part of the “iSea”, the Environmental Organisation for the Preservation of the Aquatic Ecosystems in Greece, whose objectives are helping make the world a better, and greener, place. It is oriented mainly to B2B sales, placing its products to specific stores, that somehow are of special interest and are related to technology (e.g., Noesis Science Center & Technology Museum) and the environment, such as the “iSea” Organisation and the “ARCHELON” – “The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece”, which is a non-profit association with the aim of studying and protecting sea turtles and their habitats.

Relak Tech Jewelry has a genuine passion for recycling. Starting a corporate recycling program via companies that do not longer need old equipment (PCs, consoles, gaming accessories, etc.) is a smart way to get serious about a sustainable environment making this the ultimate quick win. By adopting such a practice, businesses can not only reduce their environmental footprint, but also enhance their social impact.


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