Sectoral Overview

The fashion and design industry in Italy, Croatia, and Greece is a complex ecosystem with multiple stakeholders, each playing a crucial role in shaping the market. As the industry faces challenges related to sustainability, environmental impact, and consumer demands, stakeholders must come together and take proactive steps to ensure its growth and survival in the face of global economic uncertainties. Embracing sustainability, innovation, and digital transformation is key to shaping a more resilient, ethical, and future-ready fashion market. Through collaborative efforts and responsible practices, stakeholders can drive positive change and position the fashion industry for a more sustainable and successful future.

This report focuses on three specific regions in Europe: Croatia, Greece (Central Macedonia), and Italy (Emilia Romagna Region). The report’s objective is to comprehensively analyze the fashion and design landscape, encompassing market trends, technology, business models, sustainability, and intellectual property. It explores emerging technologies, innovations, and disruptive trends, assessing their potential impact and implications. Business models like e-commerce and circular approaches are scrutinized, with a focus on intellectual property protection and management. Methodologically, case studies, online surveys, and data analysis were conducted.

The fashion and design industry, known for its creativity and adaptability, is undergoing a transformative journey driven by technological advancements. These innovations are reshaping every face of the industry, from design to manufacturing, marketing, and consumption. Read more about the industry in the partner’s regions in the report attached.

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