Specifications and requirements for managing copyright agreements

Intellectual property law (IPR) refers to the protection of new and unique ideas, products and
creations resulting from human creativity and innovation. Copyright (or copyright), trademarks and
patents, database rights and performance rights are the most important ones also when it comes
to digital content. Once creative effort and innovation are protected, the rights to them can be
traded, sold and bought, bequeathed or licensed.

The characterizing element of the fashion sector has to do with the construction of an identity. The
image of a brand goes beyond the individual creations which in some way qualifies and places within
a sphere capable of influencing the public, who perceives the individual item not only as such but
as an expression of a reality that assumes a single meaning. Every Brand is first of all an idea. Its
identity is based and consolidated in numerous elements, ranging from the appearance of the
products, which express a certain aesthetic idea, to advertising, with which, however, the brand
defines itself and its adherence to certain references , also through the choice of testimonials and
the distribution and sales channels of the product and the layout of the stores and the price. The
perception of the garment as belonging to a specific brand defines it under various profiles,
significantly determining what it is as a market good as well as in the dynamics of exchanges. All this
is evident if we think about how the consumer looks at and evaluates a dress on which, for example,
the Giorgio Armani brand is affixed, and how he would evaluate the same garment if it were

Intellectual property rights have evolved considerably over the centuries, but the long-term pact
between inventor and state has remained unchanged. By providing intellectual property rights, the
Government ensures the inventor the right to exclude anyone who seeks to use the result of the
creative activity without his authorization.

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