Discover Croatia’s Sustainable Fashion Leaders!

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Sustainable fashion in the world greatly influences awareness of environmental protection and improving the quality of life.

There are already many brands in the world that have sustainable fashion, and Croatia is taking small steps to follow them. There are already a lot of different brands and designers of sustainable fashion in Croatia.

Croatia is taking its first steps towards sustainable fashion, and these brands are leading the way:


   Known for her meticulous approach, Marija advocates for slow fashion and responsible design. Her collections focus on quality cuts, recycled materials, and natural dyeing techniques.


   Mirjam wowed us with her bags made from repurposed plastic bags, following the minimal waste philosophy. Every detail, even the charms, are crafted from leftover materials. Plus, her collection features upcycled vintage pieces.


Founded by two determined sisters, Dive Organic creates long-lasting, organic clothing. They use GOTS certified organic materials and prioritize local craftsmanship, minimizing waste during production.


   Mirna Mihoković’s brand is a powerhouse of sustainability. They use locally sourced, eco-friendly fabrics and completely avoid plastic in packaging. A portion of earnings also goes to humanitarian causes. Their designs are timeless and comfortable for years of wear.

These brands are paving the way for sustainable fashion in Croatia, showcasing the future of responsible and stylish clothing. Explore more on their websites!

The very existence of such brands improves the fashion industry itself and creates a brighter future for new generations because it puts sustainable development first and uses natural and recycled materials.

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