How we encourage sustainability by creating a fashion capsule?

We all know that fast fashion is not good for the environment, but neither is good for us. Let’s mention overproduction, inhuman conditions for textile workers, and toxic chemicals that our clothes dyed. This is why a capsule wardrobe is a new way how we can embrace slow fashion and sustainability.

The capsule wardrobe is a new trend that helps you save time, by having a few sets of clothes in your wardrobe that has quality, could be easily combined to a variety of outfits and it helps you become sustainable. Basically, the idea is to have the combination for any occasion, but you do not overcrowd your closet.

There are some aspects that you have to consider when creating a fashion capsule. The goal is not to throw all your clothes and buy new one, but to rethink how to use what you have already. Start with sorting your garments into those that you like and that you have the desire to wear tomorrow. The other pile of garments should be clothes that you wear occasionally or something that you are sentimental about. Clothes that you do not like anymore – give them away immediately and season clothes (put them away outside the closet).

So how to create a fashion capsule? Basic elements that could help you in this process are to define your style and pick colors that flatter you. It is also important to consider what works best for your body shape. Think classic – you can go wrong with it. Be guided by quality, not quantity, and use the same item of clothes in several ways. While creating a capsule you should think fabrics used. Organic cotton, cruelty-free wool, and buying from companies who publish information about labor guidelines are important things while creating your closet.

In terms of sustainability and responsibility capsule wardrobe does not means that you throw your clothes, but you give them new life by repurposing style and recycling. For example, this means having up to 30 garments that you can mix and match to create outfits for different occasions. This includes tops, skirts, pants dresses, and jackets. By implementing this you are saving 15 minutes every day and up to 100 hours a year.

This way of reorganizing your closet will help you control your impulse for buying and you will become more mindful about how you and your decisions are impacting the planet.  It is also a way of self-sustainability because it will reduce decision fatigue which is the sense of making the wrong choice because of having too many options. By shopping more intentionally you will avoid making unnecessary waste. Items included in fashion capsules are timeless and multi-seasonal. These items are also higher quality products, they last longer, which also contributes to sustainability.

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