CODES consortium held transnational partners meeting

A consortium of the project CODES (CO-DEsign for Sustainability) once again was gathered online to participate in Transnational partners meetings. The host of the meeting was Enter Koprivnica and the meeting was held on Thursday, 27 June 2023.

ENTER presented partners with an overview of the project and illustrated the management rules and procedures according to the program (PPT presentation and coordination guidelines).

ROMAGNA TECH presented the state of the art of WP2 (pptx presentation, starting with the results of the survey. ROMAGNA TECH also presented the first draft/table of contents of the Sectoral Overview.

Partners agree on the timetable and on trying to finalize everything by the set deadlines.

ENTER presents WP5 and the activities/deliverables implemented so far (PPT presentation), as well as the next steps.

ENTER is committed to providing partners with a repository to collect communication and dissemination activities/links/publications.

Partners agree on having the next online meeting on the 5th of September at 10:00 a.m.

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